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Serving the Maumee, OH Area


Serving the Maumee, OH Area


Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance is the difference between having a great HVAC system and having a dull HVAC system that’s always giving you a headache. Our maintenance program here at AW Heating & Cooling is excellent because it allows our top-of-the-line technicians to service your HVAC system twice a year. We’ll even call you to schedule the appointment!

To learn more about our Maumee, OH, HVAC maintenance plan, call our team. We’ve been the trusted HVAC company for the Lucas County area since 1997. Our priority is to provide high quality service at a price that you will love. Contact us today to schedule HVAC maintenance in Maumee and the surrounding area.

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What’s Involved in an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Not sure what you’re signing up for? Well, our precision tune-ups include:

  • A cleaning and adjustment of your burner assembly
  • An inspection and adjustment of pilot operations
  • Testing and adjusting gas pressure
  • Inspection of your flue pipe, thermostat, heat exchanger, indoor cooling coil, and outdoor condenser coil
  • A cleaning of your condensate drains
  • Lubrication of your moving parts
  • Measurement of your operating pressures for correct refrigerant charge
  • A test of your starting capabilities and all your safety controls
  • A tightening of all your electrical connections

We’ll also make recommendations for any improvements and we won’t make any repairs or improvements without your approval. Maintenance services are an investment in your home quality and comfort. Make sure that you contact a team you can trust like ours to perform these services for you.

Why Enroll in Our Maintenance Plan?

There are so many benefits to enrolling in a maintenance plan. Here are a few:

  • A decreased chance of a breakdown or repairs
  • Longer equipment lifespan
  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Priority customer service
  • Improved equipment capacity
  • A 15% discount on all repairs

Keep your heating and air conditioning systems running in top shape. Call on the HVAC experts at AW Heating & Cooling to learn more about our HVAC maintenance plan. Our friendly staff is on call and ready to help!

If you’re looking to get the most from your HVAC systems, make sure you contact AW Heating & Cooling to enroll in our maintenance plan today. We provide complete precision tune-ups.

Proudly Serving the Maumee, OH Area

Since 1997

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