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Serving the Maumee, OH Area


Serving the Maumee, OH Area


Maumee, OH Duct Cleaning Services

The average home accrues about 40 pounds of dust annually. Of course, that dust is diligently swept away during our weekly chores and spring cleaning. But what about the percentage of dust that accumulates inside the ducts and in your HVAC system? Dust in these areas can contribute to lowered air quality and HVAC inefficiency, and cleaning them requires the help of an expert.

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The Effects of Dirty Ducts

If you’re paying high heating or cooling bills, wheezing or coughing in your home, or noticing mildew, or dust, then it might be time for duct cleaning services!

Ducts can accrue dust and dirt over time. The ducts will recirculate those contaminants several times over, allowing them to collect in the ducts or to settle in your home. Not only is this potentially bad for your health, but it’s also possible for that dust and debris to settle on some of the sensitive components of your AC or furnace. This will create efficiency issues that will drive up your energy bills.

Depend on the Experts for Duct Cleaning

Cleaning a duct might sound like an easy task, but we assure you that it requires the tools and expertise of a professional. An incomplete job can make the problem even worse. Plus, getting deep into the ducts and cleaning every nook and cranny is something that only an expert can do. Reckless movements inside the ducts can knock them loose, creating a disconnect that will drastically reduce your system’s efficiency.

Plus, we can perform a tune up on the heating and cooling system at the same time as the duct cleaning. Using the wrong cleaning solutions and techniques can damage these systems, potentially costing you even more money in repairs. Contact AW Heating & Cooling today if you think it’s time for a duct cleaning.

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