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Commercial HVAC Repair in Maumee, OH

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Commercial HVAC systems can be complex, and they require a high degree of precision. Don’t trust just anyone for this kind of job, contact the commercial service specialists at AW Heating & Cooling in Maumee, OH. We can get it done by the book.

  • EPA certified technicians
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • Family owned and operated

It’s time to choose a team with experience and expertise for your next commercial heating and cooling job. Our trucks are stocked and ready to go when you call us.

Contact AW Heating & Cooling for commercial heating and cooling repair in Maumee, OH.


Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning All Year Long

Our summers and winters can vary, but it doesn’t matter in a commercial space—keeping your building’s temperature regulated is mandatory. The comfort of your building’s occupants is at the top of your list, whether they’re employees, tenants, or customers.

We’ll ensure that your commercial HVAC system is properly configured for your building. We use the best matched system for your commercial building to ensure your property stays comfortable, and does so at the most reasonable price.

Is It Time to Call Us for Commercial HVAC Repair Services?

You should always have a great HVAC system in place for the occupants of your commercial building. Likewise, you should always have a great team of experts on call that can be there when that system needs repairs. We understand that commercial properties have different needs, so you can count on us to perform work that’s safe, professional, and always compliant with building codes.

The signs that you’re having trouble with your commercial HVAC system are similar to the signs you’re having trouble with your residential one. Watch out for:

  • Reduced comfort
  • Short cycling or other operational issues
  • Higher bills without explanation
  • Odd sounds

Contact AW Heating & Cooling at the first sign of trouble with your commercial HVAC system!

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