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Maumee, OH Furnace Installation & Replacement

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Furnaces are the go-to heating installation in Maumee, OH. They’re durable, reliable, fuel-efficient, and they come in several different types and sizes. Work with the team at AW Heating & Cooling to get your furnace installation set up correctly and easily.

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We specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of furnace systems. You can rest assured that we’ll use only the most reliable brands, and we’ll work with you to choose a system that fits your home, budget, and comfort preferences.

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Furnace Efficiency Depends Upon a Flawless Installation

Did you know that your furnace’s manufacturer requires installation at the highest standard? If you try to cut corners, you might void your system’s warranty. That’s because every furnace needs to be installed in compliance with Local & National Mechanical Safety Codes. But that’s not all—installation with anyone less than a qualified expert will welcome a host of operational troubles:

  • Shortened lifespan of the unit
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Higher chance of repair issues

It’s not that crazy to believe when you consider the impact that improper sizing, ductwork, and workmanship can have on a system’s performance. Don’t take your chances with shoddy furnace installation. Instead, trust in AW Heating & Cooling for your furnace replacement and installation needs.

When Is It Time for Furnace Replacement?

Don’t get too attached to your furnace—you’ll want to have it replaced between every ten and fifteen years. The actual amount of years it lasts depends on how well it was maintained and used during its lifespan. The important thing is to have it replaced before it starts incurring unnecessary repair and energy expenses.

Plus, modern furnaces are vastly improved in design, noise level, and in efficiency ratings. If you feel bad about your bank account every time you turn on the old furnace, it’s a good sign that you could benefit from a replacement! A modern, high-efficiency model—such as one from Trane, Day & Night by Carrier or Ruud—will pay itself off before you know it.

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