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Ductwork Repair in Maumee, OH

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Fixing ductwork may sound like an easy DIY job, but it’s not that simple. Duct tape, regardless of the name, is not an effective solution for sealing or repairing ducts. Instead choose the experts at AW Heating & Cooling who utilize powerful sealants and high-tech pressure measuring devices.

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Your ducts deserve better. Reduce waste and eliminate hot or cold spots by choosing to go with the ductwork experts on this one.

Contact AW Heating & Cooling for high-quality ductwork repairs in Maumee, OH.


Pay Attention to Your Ducts

The main source of duct issues are typically tears and leaks, either from old age, bad duct design, or pests. Since ducts are typically hidden away in basements, crawl spaces, or attics, you likely won’t be able to see a problem. Instead, you’ll have to look for signs like: 

Higher heating and cooling bills: As air gets sucked out of the ducts, it requires more air to correct the problem, resulting in a higher energy bill.

Hot and Cold Spots: Do you have spots in your home that stay too cold in winter, and stay too hot in summer? This could be caused by leaky or damaged ductwork.

We Provide Duct Sealing and Duct Repair Services

An improperly fabricated and installed duct system can even affect a new HVAC system. Plus, many people don’t take into account the age of the duct system when thinking about their heating and cooling system at all—yours could be older than you realize. It’s very possible that your ducts have been wasting energy this whole time without your knowledge.

To know for certain, schedule an inspection with AW Heating & Cooling. We’ll be able to assess your ducts and determine if they need sealing, repairs, or replacement. 

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