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How to Tell If Your AC Needs Help


How often do you think about your AC unit? Probably only when it isn’t working correctly, right? 

Your poor AC unit is working hard to keep you cool all summer long. The least you can do is offer it a little help when it needs repairs. 

How do you know if your AC unit needs help? Here are a few common signs to watch for. 

1. Your House Is Unusually Warm

Does your house seem warmer than usual? A major heatwave might push up the outdoor temperature so much that even a brand new unit would have trouble keeping up. 

However, if the temperatures outside are normal and your home is hotter than it should be, something is probably going on with your unit. Unfortunately, the longer you ignore a problem like this, the worse it will get until the unit gives out completely.

2. You Hear Unusual Noises 

AC units aren’t silent but you probably have a good idea of what it usually sounds like. Strange noises like squealing, hissing, banging, or grinding are good indications that your unit needs repair. 

Often when this happens, something is loose in the unit’s internal components. If not repaired, the loose object could come off and perhaps even damage other parts of the unit. 

3. Your Unit Turns Off and On Frequently

You have to be paying close attention to notice this one, but it’s important. AC units are designed to run in cycles. They turn on, bring the temperature down to the determined level, and shut off again. 

However, there is a common issue known as short-cycling. When this happens, the machine comes on and then shuts off again before completing a full cooling cycle. It then comes on again fairly quickly because the thermostat is telling it that the home is still too warm. 

This constant cycle will wear out your unit faster if not repaired quickly. So take note of how long your unit is usually running when it turns on. If it seems to be shutting off too fast, it’s time to call a technician.

4. Humidity Problems

Excess humidity in the home will cause condensation on the windows and mold issues. Mold can grow in the right conditions in as little as 24 – 48 hours and may cause health problems over time for those living in the home and breathing the air.

Protect your health and the life of your AC unit by getting your unit serviced as soon as possible.

Offer Your AC Unit a Helping Hand

Take care of your AC unit and it will take care of you this summer. If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait. Call a qualified technician to service the unit and make repairs before the issue gets worse. In many cases, you’ll end up saving yourself a ton of money by extending the life of your unit!

Contact “Your Comfort Specialists” here at AW Heating & Cooling today for quality AC repair service.

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