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The Last Thing a Furnace Owner Wants to Hear

Technician servicing a furnace.

It’s finally getting chilly again. With a blanket wrapped around, you head over to the furnace and finally give in: it’s time to turn the heat on for the season. You quickly find that no matter what, it won’t turn on. It’s time to run through a list of options before calling for furnace repair in Maumee, OH. Let’s troubleshoot this issue together and get your furnace back on ASAP.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Your HVAC system will have its own labeled section on your circuit breaker panel. Here you can see if the switch has been tripped and is turned in the “OFF” position. This can happen for a few different reasons. Turn it to the “ON” position and see if this fixes the problem. If not, continue troubleshooting.

If you run into the same problem over and over again with your circuit breaker, there could be faulty wiring that continues to allow a higher than necessary flow of electricity to pass through. A circuit breaker that keeps tripping over and over again indicates an electrical problem that should be looked at separately.

Inspect or Replace Filters

Air filters are a bigger aspect of your furnace’s functionality than most people think. Without proper airflow, your furnace can’t function properly (and it could even cause backdraft: a major safety concern). You need to replace those dusty old filters for new ones.

Your furnace uses air from the ducts to function properly. Without the airflow, your furnace can overheat and shut down. If your filters are excessively dirty, that could be why it isn’t turning on anymore. Try changing out your filters before troubleshooting further.

Double-Check Thermostat Settings

It’s silly, but sometimes problems are simple and right under our noses. Double-check the thermostat settings that you set and make sure everything is exactly as you need it to be. Especially at the start of the season, it isn’t unheard of for homeowners to accidentally input the wrong settings or think they input the right ones, only to find out that the furnace doesn’t know it’s supposed to be on.

Listen for the Blower Motor

Your furnace’s blower motor should produce a light hum. This is the motor that helps create airflow within your furnace. It shouldn’t be super loud, but if you get close and listen, it should be audible to some extent. If the blower motor isn’t turning on, that’s one problem. If it’s making extremely loud banging sounds, that’s an entirely different issue. Either way, both need to be attended to by a professional HVAC technician sooner rather than later.

Your Furnace Needs a Professional Touch

Your furnace won’t start, and try as you might, no DIY fix will take care of it. You need a professional with the right tools, know-how, and experience to step in and restore your furnace to its former fiery glory. Professional repair is a single phone call away.

Contact us today to inspect, diagnose, and repair your furnace as soon as possible. It’s time to restore your comfort.

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