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Most Common AC Repair Needs You May See Now


The official end of summer is upon us, right around the corner. We might not quite be ready for chillier temperatures though. Most of us have still been using our home air conditioners quite a bit, after all.

Did you have yours maintained this past spring? If so, and as long as you followed up on any repair needs that were recommended, your air conditioner is probably in great shape!

But what if you skipped maintenance, delayed repairs, and/or have an aging air conditioner? Well then you might be in for a rude awakening. After all, this is the most likely time for your air conditioner to experience repair needs–when it’s gone through a long, hot summer. Read on as we uncover some of the most common AC repair needs you may see now.

Reduced Airflow

So you’ve noticed that chilled air isn’t moving through the vents with the speed or power that you are used to or expect. This is clearly a problem! It usually means you have air is trapped somewhere within the system, which can cause the coils to freeze.

Another possibility is that you have ductwork damage, and the conditioned air that you’re otherwise paying for is escaping into unoccupied places like your attic or crawlspace. Lowered airflow isn’t just the symptom of a problem, it’s also a problem on its own and can increase wear and tear.

Lack of Cooling

Perhaps the airflow is okay, but the air coming through your vents seems lukewarm. What gives? There are a number of factors that can cause this, like refrigerant leaks, overheating components, or damaged ductwork. All of this can contribute to a decreased ability to cool your living space.

Lowered cooling is very similar to reduced airflow, in that it is not only the symptom of a problem but can cause further issues with your air conditioner. Ultimately, your air conditioner will run longer, trying to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat, which is inefficient.

Strange Sounds

This can be literally anything that’s outside of the norm of what you’re used to hearing come from your AC system. It can include humming, moaning, buzzing, clanging, or hissing. If you discover any of these noises, the best thing you can do for your system is call in an HVAC pro right away.

Humming can be a sign of an electrical problem, which can become dangerous if not dealt with right away. Buzzing is the same. Hissing or gurgling typically indicates a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks sound benign, but actually, they’re very serious. This is the substance that makes the entire cooling process possible, and without refrigerant, you don’t have a functioning air conditioner.

Another sound you never want to hear is short-cycling, or the rapid cycling on and off of your air conditioner. This is typically the sign of an electrical problem and should be addressed promptly.

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