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Why Professional AC Installation Is So Important


First, let’s start by saying we totally understand the temptation to install your own air conditioner. It will save you money, after all, right?

Well, unless it’s a window AC unit or a portable air conditioner, we really do have to advise against this.

The thing is, there are intricate steps to successfully installing an air conditioning system, and if any of the steps are missed or done to quickly, it can lead to problems like a refrigerant leak, inefficient operation, and even a premature system breakdown. Overall, air conditioners are very complex and require a trained and experienced professional to handle.

Of course, if you’re shopping for an air conditioner now, when temperatures are already rising, we understand the sense of urgency. Rushing into a large purchase like this can leave you sacrificing comfort and efficiency. Keep reading as we outline a few of the main reasons you should only trust a trained professional for this job.

We’ll Effectively Remove the Old System

“What?” you might be thinking, “I can’t just take out the old system and take it to the dump?”

Your old air conditioner has a number of components that have to be properly disposed of to remain safe, like refrigerant (this is especially true if you’re still using R-22 refrigerant, which has now been phased out due to its harmful impact on the environment). Our trained and experienced professionals know how to manage this.

It’s also worth noting that even for professionals removing an old air conditioner can be the most laborious and longest part of an air conditioner installation. Special attention needs to be given to ensure nothing is knocked out of place, and the area in your home needs to be prepared for the new air conditioner—both the outdoor unit and indoor unit (or units, in the case of a ductless system).

We’ll Make Mistake-Free Connections

Once your air conditioner is installed where you need it to be, our pros will connect it to the important components needed for its operation. The main component we’ll have to connect is the ductwork, a.k.a your ventilation system.

Sometimes, air ducts need to be shifted around in order to make these connections properly. Our professionals know how to do this without damaging any components in the process. The same goes for the electrical connections needed for your air conditioner to actually function.

We’ll Test Your Air Conditioner

This is the final, but most important, step in a professional air conditioner installation. If our team members left your home after making the last connection, without testing your system to ensure that it actually works, then you’d have no idea what to expect. You also might not know if there’s anything wrong with your system due to poor installation.

Before our team leaves, we’ll turn your cooling system on, measuring the intake and the airflow, to ensure that operation is sufficient. We’ll check for other factors too, like ensuring there aren’t any safety hazards and that the system is doing everything it’s supposed to.

To schedule your AC installation in Maumee, OH, contact AW Heating & Cooling today!

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