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“Does My Commercial Heater Need Professional Maintenance?”

Whether you’re a commercial customer with us or a residential one (or both!) this is the time of year you’re going to hear us talk a lot about maintenance. Professional maintenance, that is. Preparing for colder weather is essential to not only the comfort of your commercial space but also the efficacy and longevity of your commercial HVAC system.

Commercial heater maintenance helps you avoid sudden, surprise repair needs, energy waste, and perhaps most importantly, a business disruption because of a broken-down heater.

If you’re looking to keep your employees, customers, clients, and/or tenants comfortable this winter, then you’ll want to invest in commercial heating maintenance. It’s not just a convenient service–it’s necessary. Keep in mind that your commercial system is much more complex than a residential one and so, therefore, needs more care and attention!

Read on as we uncover just why commercial heating maintenance is so important.

When Is the Last Time You Scheduled Commercial Heating Maintenance

As business owners ourselves, we understand the responsibility and hard work that goes into operating a commercial space. You have many things to deal with each day, and scheduling preventive maintenance is something that can easily escape your mind. But this service does so much for your system, and you can’t afford not to have it done!

Commercial heating maintenance is typically about a 1 or 2-hour job, and comes with a number of advantages. This sure beats having a surprise repair need creep up on you and cause a business interruption that lasts a day or more! During commercial maintenance, our team will:

  • Check and Change the Air Filter: Changing the air filter that comes with the commercial heater is actually a task that should be done every 1-3 months to keep the system operating at its best. If you have someone on staff or a general handyman for the building, this is an appropriate assignment for them. But we do also check this during maintenance just in case!
  • Lubricate All the Moving Parts: Over the years, components wear down as a natural part of wear and tear. While normal, it’s still important to replace or lubricate these components to keep the commercial heater running smoothly.
  • Inspect the System’s Operation for Safety and Functionality
  • Tighten All Electrical Connections
  • Check on Refrigerant Charge: If you’re using a heat pump system in your business instead of a furnace, then this means that it heats your space using refrigerant to transfer that heat. Leaks can occur in the refrigerant line that will be a detriment to the system, so it’s important that this is checked by a professional on a routine basis.
  • Clean The Outdoor and Indoor Coils: Again, this is if we are referring to a heat pump system, not a furnace. Although there are also components of a furnace we will clean…
  • Clean the Burners if Using a Furnace
  • Calibrate the Thermostat to Improve Temperature Precision
  • Test the Performance of the System
  • Thoroughly Check the Area Surrounding the Outdoor Unit(s) to Ensure No Obstructions

This is a basic rundown of what happens during commercial heating maintenance. Remember, for your safety and the safety of your staff–plus, to maintain the warranty–this service should only ever be completed by a trained professional.

When you need a reliable commercial HVAC Contractor near Toledo, you need AW Heating & Cooling! Contact us today.

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