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It’s That Time: Why You Should Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up Now


Once the calendar reaches October, fall is officially here. Temperatures might not drop right away (hey, Mother Nature can’t read the calendar) but soon enough we’ll be dealing with chillier weather, especially at night. This means that now is the perfect time for one very important HVAC service—your heating maintenance!

Wait, what’s that? You haven’t even thought about your heater very much? We appreciate your confidence that your heater is going to work just fine this fall and winter, but we’d encourage you to consider scheduling your next tune-up. Fall is really the best time to do this, since it’s before you need the system the most and when HVAC technicians are less likely to be busy with emergency service calls. Read on for a number of ways a heating tune-up benefits you.

Tune-Ups Keep Heaters Running Safely

Maintenance is a vital step of heating care for your natural gas-powered systems. Of course, using a gas-furnace is not inherently harmful, especially since current designs have a number of safeguards in them. But with any gas-powered system, there’s a potential for hazards, and that potential grows if your heater doesn’t receive professional maintenance.

You can trust our certified technicians for thorough maintenance that keeps your heater safe!

Tune-Ups Prevent Heater Problems

Were you aware that heating maintenance can prevent up to 85% of the repairs your heater may ever need in its lifespan? You should theoretically not need to call for repairs more than a handful of times over the course of your system’s service life—as long as you have maintenance done.

Preventing small problems from becoming much bigger problems means your heater will have little chance of suffering a catastrophic shutdown this winter—which is the last thing you want to happen, right?

Tune-Ups Keep Your System Efficiency

Furnace efficiency is measured by an AFUE rating—Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The higher the AFUE percentage, the more of its natural gas supply the furnace will convert into heat, and the less heat is lost through exhaust.

However, without maintenance, efficiency declines each year—about 5% each year you go without this service. This drop in efficiency applies to many types of heating systems, including boilers and heat pumps (heat pumps are measured by an HSPF rating).

The bottom line is, you will pay more to run a heating system that is not routinely maintained.

Tune-Ups Prolong Equipment Life

If we asked how long you would like your heating system to last, what would you say? We’re going to guess you’d say “forever,” but of course this is not reality. What is reality, is a heater lasting throughout its entire estimated lifespan. Like we mentioned above, the typical furnace, when well maintained, can last 10-15 years. This means fewer costs for you since you won’t be replacing a system years before your budget is ready for it.

Be sure to get in contact with a professional for your maintenance service—an amateur can’t promise the safety and reliance that we can!

For quality heater maintenance in Perrysburg, OH, contact AW Heating & Cooling! Your Comfort Specialists.

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