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Are the Benefits of Ductless Heating Worth It? Let’s Find Out


If you’re considering a ductless mini split system for your home, you know it’s a big decision. After all, these systems can last twenty years! If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to make that leap, here are some considerations that could help you with your choice.


As we said, these are long-lasting systems. While a traditional air conditioner or furnace might last fifteen years, a ductless mini split should keep your home comfortable for twenty years, as long as you have routine maintenance done. Replacing two major appliances in fifteen years rather than only having to replace one in twenty years is a pretty big benefit.

Heating and Cooling

With a simple reversing valve, the flow of refrigerant in a ductless mini split can change your system from heating to cooling with the flip of a switch. This is especially beneficial if you’ve been using window AC units that have to be installed every year when you start to overheat. No more complicated process or heavy lifting: just set your mini split to cooling mode, and you’re ready for summer.

No Ductwork Needed

Older homes were built without ductwork before central air conditioning became common. Without ducts, homeowners tend to use window units for their air conditioning. To install a ducted system, a lot of time, work, and expense would be involved. And not all homes even have space for ducts.

With a ductless mini split, the modifications to your home will be minimal. Ductless systems can also be installed in homes that have ductwork. If your ducts are aging, leaking, or damaged, you can avoid replacing them by choosing ductless heating installation in Perrysburg, OH.


Did you know that when there are leaks in your ductwork, you can lose up to 30% of your conditioned or heated air before it makes it to the vents? This is a huge added cost when you get your utility bills. In addition, mini splits are simply more efficient overall. They use smaller motors and consume less energy.

Zone Control

The ability to raise or lower the temperature separately in different parts of your home also adds to the efficiency of the ductless system. And beyond energy savings, it can be more comfortable for you to have control over the temperature in specific rooms.

Indoor Air Quality

Ducts are a great place for dust, pollen, and pet hair to accumulate. Pests such as rodents and insects sometimes take up residence in ductwork, too. Then, when air blows through, it carries all those contaminants into your home for you to breathe. A ductless system can avoid all that, keeping your air cleaner.

Additions and Expansions

Another great way to use a ductless system is when you’re building an addition to your home or enclosing a previously uninsulated space like a garage to use as living space. There’s no need to add ductwork to your budget, or allot space for ductwork when you’re making your plans. A mini split can make your new room a comfortable haven without any of that bother.

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