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“My Furnace Went Out, How Do I Stay Warm?”


This is of course a scenario that no homeowner ever wants to face, but the fact of the matter is that it happens! You’re a lot less likely to face a sudden and unexpected need for furnace repair in Toledo, OH or one of the surrounding communities if you keep up on your maintenance sessions. Heating maintenance tune-ups allow our technicians to thoroughly inspect your system for problem areas, make adjustments as needed, and comprehensively clean the whole system.

This all helps the system work more effectively and efficiently. Plus, it prevents small repair needs from turning into major breakdown emergencies that lead to the subject of this post. We’re going to assume, though, that if you’ve come across this blog post you’re in need of some tips, now! First, be sure to give our team a call. We do have 24/7 emergency service available for situations like this. While you wait for our techs to show up, here’s what you can do to keep your household warm.

Apply Impromptu Weather Sealant

If you have caulking on hand, that’s great! Pick the smallest room in your home, or the room with the lowest ceiling, that you can hunker down it or your household can gather in, and make sure the windows to that room have caulking to keep drafts out.

If you don’t have caulking available—don’t worry, this isn’t something most homeowners keep on hand—grab pillows, blankets, towels, etc. and use those to block off your windows and doorways as well.

Dance It Out!

Sure, this sounds silly, but it’s a fun way to stay warm and get your mind of your furnace troubles for a bit. This works especially well if you’re a family with small children. You already know you can work up quite a sweat just chasing them around and managing your home—you may as well make it fun, right? Put your breakables away, push the furniture against the wall, put on some upbeat music, and dance away.


What should you cook? Well pretty much anything will do. Using your oven or your stove will naturally help your home warm up. Remember, you should never use cooking appliances primarily for the purpose of warming up your home. This can become hazardous real quick. But consider baking some cookies, making a hot stew, or even just making your mealtime plans involve something that requires slow cooking.

Use Incandescent Lighting

Okay, so this tip isn’t the most energy-efficient, we’ll admit it. LED lighting has become increasingly popular and it’s for very good reason. But if your goal is to stay warm while you wait for your furnace repair technician to show up, this might do the trick for you. If you have some incandescent lightbulbs around the home, switch out your lighting in a room or two with those bulbs. They generate much more heat than other lighting options.

These are just a few tips we have to stay warm! To learn more or to schedule your furnace repair and maintenance services, contact “Your Comfort Specialists” here at AW Heating & Cooling.

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