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How Often Do Tankless Water Heaters Need Repair?


If you have a tankless water heater in your home, we’ve got good news: it will probably not need many repairs over its service life, probably fewer than if you had a standard storage tank water heater. If you’re thinking about getting a tankless water heater, this low need for repairs is yet another checkmark in the “bonus” column. 

The reason that tankless water heaters have fewer repair problems is because unlike storage tank water heaters, they provide hot water on demand. They only turn on when they need to, rather than running regularly just to keep a larger tank of hot water heated up. This removes extra strain from the system and also provides the great benefits of high energy efficiency and unlimited hot water.

But a tankless water heater isn’t invincible, and there may eventually be a time when you need tankless water heater repair in Monclova, OH. We can’t tell you exactly how often your water heater will need to have professional fixes, but we can tell you several factors that will affect the repair frequency.

Regular Maintenance

This is the most important tool you have when it comes to stopping repairs for your tankless water heater. All water heaters require annual repairs, but the precision workings of tankless water heaters make these regular tune-ups and inspections from experts even more important.

Any tankless water heater needs special cleaning (flushing) for its intake and outtake lines to keep them clear of build-up. Because most tankless water heaters use natural gas, the gas lines, burners, and heat exchanger must have routine inspections and adjustments as well.

Water Quality

The quality of the freshwater entering your home can cause gradual damage to a tankless water heater. The biggest concern is hard water, which is water with a high mineral count usually of calcium and magnesium.

Hard water can rapidly clog up the small intakes on a tankless water heater that doesn’t have the larger pipes of a storage tank water heater. This is why we always recommend that a home that installs a tankless water heater also installs a water softener and water filtration system to ensure the least amount of interference with the water heater.

System Age

While the standard storage tank water heater will last for 10-12 years, a tankless water heater can often last up to 20 years (provided it has regular maintenance). As a tankless water heater enters the final years of its service life, it will begin to need repairs more frequently.

This is often the warning that it’s time to replace the unit. If you feel in doubt about replacing your water heater because of repairs, simply ask your technician for advice. 

If you notice anything wrong with your tankless water heater, please call our technicians as soon as possible so we can inspect it and find out if it needs repairs. Some warning signs to look for include a longer delay before hot water reaches the tap, lukewarm water, water temperature fluctuations, or no hot water at all. 

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