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4 Bad Things That Happen From Lack of Heater Maintenance


The HVAC systems in anyone’s home are like unsung heroes. They do so much behind the scenes but we don’t really recognize them until we realize we need them.

Your heater does its job but it can only do it so well when maintenance is ignored. When you don’t attend to heating maintenance in Maumee, OH, this is what can happen.

Sudden Breakdowns

The worst possible thing that can happen from not performing enough maintenance is your heater just completely breaking down on you without warning. Well, there’s the warning of not performing maintenance, but otherwise, you just wake up one day to your heater not working.

A sudden breakdown isn’t so sudden when the signs and symptoms of a failing heater are ignored. When your heater breaks down on its own after not having a structured maintenance plan in place, you run through its total available lifespan faster.

There’s no magic number, but in short, the less maintenance you get for your heater, the less total available time it’ll last for you.

Unnecessary and Avoidable Repairs

Something breaks, and you have to get it fixed. You spent money on a repair call, but you really didn’t have to. If maintenance was scheduled and annual, that problem may not have occurred at all.

Repairs are unavoidable for any heating system, but maintenance helps limit the number of repairs you’ll need over the course of your heater’s lifespan.

Your Heater Becomes Unsafe

Depending on what type of heater you have, maintenance is considered necessary for safety. You need to look at maintenance as a point of inspection as well.

Furnaces with flame sensors and heat exchangers need to be checked to ensure everything is operating exactly as it should be. Otherwise, you risk the safety of your family, whether you have carbon monoxide detectors or not.

Increase in Heating Bills

Your heater loses efficiency over time, which is to be expected. But it loses a lot of efficiency over the course of a single year just because you need maintenance. Think of every maintenance check as a refresh on your heater’s maintenance. Skipping it means that its efficiency falls further down the slope.

Imagine it picking up downhill momentum every day that you don’t perform maintenance, and eventually when enough days pass, it descends faster to the point of a breakdown, as we mentioned earlier. The increase in your bills won’t be noticeable at first, but then you’ll realize your heater isn’t shutting off when it’s supposed to because the cycles last for longer. Then you’ll see the bills start to come in.

Maintenance is Critical

At the end of the day, maintenance makes a huge difference. It keeps your bills lower throughout the year, reduces wear and tear, and may just reduce the total number of heater replacements you have to make throughout your lifetime.

Let’s reduce those nasty surprises by getting on an annual maintenance schedule. Call us today so we can get you started.

Contact AW Heating & Cooling today to schedule your heater maintenance today and do everything to avoid a full breakdown in the future.

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