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Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Heating System Installation


Commercial heating systems have a different approach than the heater you would use for your home. Commercial HVAC takes a lot to run, and one small system malfunction can make your business feel like a frozen wonderland if your heater goes out.

Without diving too deep into the logistics, we have a few things you need to know about the installation process before you get started with your own commercial system. Let’s learn more about commercial heating installation in Toledo, OH and help you get prepared.

Simple and Complex Systems

Before we look at the installation process, it’s important to know that there are two main classifications for commercial HVAC systems. Service expectations and costs will greatly differ depending on which system you have.

Simple systems are direct. They use electricity, gas, or oil and supply heating and cooling to one area. The forced air has no zone control or fine adjustment capabilities. These systems are ideal for many businesses.

Complex systems have zone control capabilities and often include more than one type of heating or cooling system. These systems will be more appealing to businesses with the need for more fine control.

The benefit of complex systems is that they allow for greater control over your energy efficiency (and as a result, your utility bills). There’s more to install and maintain in this case, so it’s up to the discretion of the business to decide what works best.

Commercial System Installation is Rarely a One-Day Process

Depending on the size of the business, the complexity of the system, and the availability of necessary parts, a commercial heating system installation may take some time. Once the variables are accounted for, you can expect anywhere from 1-7 days for the complete installation from start to finish.

Compared to a residential one-house system, there’s more room for error. Your dedicated technicians will do their best to update you during the entire process to ensure you’re in the know about how the installation is going, any roadblocks that may appear, and an evolving timeline of completion.

You’re Set for the Next 15-20 Years

Committing to commercial HVAC installation isn’t a small feat. Fortunately, these systems are designed to last for 15-20 years before they need to be replaced. Once the installation process is complete, you only need to worry about maintenance and the occasional repair.

By the time that system runs its course, more energy-efficient (and potentially longer-lasting) units will be available as standards continue to evolve. With a new commercial HVAC installation, you’re set for 15-20 years, but not stuck. There’s always room to upgrade later depending on your business’s needs.

Commercial Heating Done Right

Commercial heating systems are their own beast entirely. You know a bit more about them now, and one thing has become more evident than before: you really, really need that commercial heating system installation to go smoothly. Call us today to schedule your commercial heater installation as soon as possible.

Contact AW Heating & Cooling, Your Comfort Specialists, today for your commercial HVAC needs!

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