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Beware These Signs You Need Heating Repairs


As temperatures slowly but surely begin on their cooling trend, it’s time to start thinking about our heating systems. Did you schedule maintenance for yours yet? If not, don’t worry! It’s never too late—in fact, this is usually the time of year we recommend this service anyway since milder temperatures mean you don’t have to worry about an interruption in service.

Regardless of maintenance though, if you don’t know the signs that you have a heater in disrepair, you might be in for an ugly surprise this winter. If you do know the signs, and you give us a call right away to fix any repair needs you may have, you will save time and money. Also, the sooner you repair your system, the lower your monthly heating costs will be since a well-functioning heater performs more efficiently. Without further ado, here are some signs to watch out for that indicate your system is in need of repair.

You Hear Strange Noises Coming from It

What makes it hard sometimes to detect problems with a heating system is that it can be easy to ignore problems that aren’t necessarily getting in the way of your comfort. A strange sound from the cabinet of your furnace might not be too bothersome for you at first, for example—especially when you’re not near the furnace cabinet on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, though, this can be the sign of a major problem. A buzzing noise, for instance, could mean an electrical malfunction, while a screen may indicate a worn-out belt that could break at any moment. A pop or a bang could be the sign of something potentially dangerous like a cracked heat exchanger.

You’re Spending Too Much on Your Heating Bills

We get it, this is sort of subjective. But what we want you to watch out for is if your bills are significantly higher than they were this same time last year, especially if the weather or your heating use isn’t much different.

You can also compare your heating bills to those of your neighbors. If you’re paying significantly more than they are, there’s a good chance that for some reason your heater is not performing as efficiently as it once did.

You Can’t Seem to Get Your Thermostat High Enough

If it seems like no matter how high you turn up your thermostat, it’s still not warm enough, then there is a problem. Chances are, the problem has nothing to do with the thermostat itself, but rather that your heating system is running nonstop to try to meet the preferred settings and for some reason can’t.

This causes components to wear down quickly, which means you’ll likely need to replace the system sooner rather than later—call in a technician ASAP if you notice this issue!

You Notice Brief, Sporadic Cycling of the Compressor

This is called short-cycling, and there are a number of potential faults that could be causing this. Unfortunately, short-cycling is not only the sign of a problem already in your heating system, but it can cause further problems by way of increased wear and tear. If you notice that your heating system is short-cycling, it’s time to give our team a call ASAP.

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