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Signs Your Boiler Is in Distress


Boilers. The sturdiest of heating systems. They don’t need much maintenance, they last for a long time, and they’re incredibly efficient!

Until they’re not.

The thing is, you have to properly care for your boiler in order to be able to depend on it throughout the years. This means that even though it doesn’t need maintenance often, it does still need maintenance, and you do also need to ensure that when your boiler system is installed, it’s installed correctly.

Even with all that, there’s always a small chance that something can go wrong. The trick to preventing boiler disasters is spotting signs of trouble while that trouble is still small. We’ve shared some of these signs below.

The Biggest Sign: Its Age!

Generally speaking, when a boiler is well cared for, it can last about 15-20 years. Even if yours is just getting up there in age, it’s worth considering an upgrade to your heating system. Even in just the last 5 years, boilers have become far more efficient than systems of the past. If your system is older than 15, it’s more than likely going to start showing the following signs of distress, soon.

Foul Odors

Unpleasant or unfamiliar smells coming from your boiler system should never be ignored. These odors could be indicative of a gas leak, which needs to be managed as soon as possible, as this is a risk to not only your boiler operation but to your safety as well.

Even if it’s not a gas leak you’re dealing with here, bad smells can be the result of a problem with your ventilation system.


Leaks aren’t something that should ever be ignored, no matter what type of appliance it’s coming from. Not only can a leak create significant property damage in your living space, but it can also be a sign of something going very wrong inside your boiler. Plus, whatever is causing the leak is going to lead to system inefficiency and higher heating bills for you.

Temperature Trouble

If your home seems colder, or even warmer, than what you think the temperature is supposed to be inside your home, there might be a problem with your boiler. The water may not be circulating as it should, meaning your boiler can’t consistently heat your home.

Higher Than Average Utility Bills

Of course, your energy bills are going to rise the more you use your boiler during the winter. However, if they are significantly higher than what they were last year, or compared to what your neighbors are paying, then you likely have a boiler system that’s not performing as efficiently and effectively as it used to.

Frequent Repair Needs

The above-mentioned issues might all be resolvable with a repair. But if you find that you’re calling for repairs too often it could be time to replace and upgrade your boiler altogether. A new boiler system is a big investment, of course. But when you consider what you’ll be saving with a more efficient heating system, it will pay itself back in no time.

For expert boiler repair in Swanton, OH, contact your comfort specialists here at AW Heating & Cooling today!

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